Tủ cắt lọc sét TSG-SRF363N

Mã sản phẩm: TSG-SRF363
Xuất xứ: New Zealand
Nhãn hiệu sản phẩm:
Giá: - VND
Số lượng tối thiểu:
Khả năng cung cấp: /ngày
Thời gian giao hàng:
Mô tả ngắn gọn: Tủ cắt lọc sét TSG-SRF363N

Mã sản phẩm: TSG-SRF340, TSG-SRF363, TSG-SRF3125, TSG-SRF3200, TSG-SRF3400 TSGSRF3630, TSG-SRF31250, TSG-SRF32000

Thiết bị cắt lọc sét, TSG -SRF 340, TSG -SRF 363, TSG -SRF 3125, TSG -SRF 3200, TSG -SRF 3400, TSG -SRF 3630, TSG -SRF 31250

Xuất xứ: Mỹ - Úc



• Incorporates TSG and TD Technologies– high performance protection

• High surge rating – ideal for exposed critical serviceentrance applications

• Surge Reduction Filters dramatically reducelet-through voltage – provides optimum protection

• Surge Reduction Filters reduce rate-of-voltage rise (dv/dt)– improved protection for electronic equipment

• Small size/weight – aids installation

• Escutcheon panel – improved safety


Triggered Spark Gap Surge Reduction Filters are designed to providehigh-energy surge diversion, making them ideal for primary serviceprotection applications. The units also provide effi cient low pass fi lteringto substantially reduce the risk of physical equipment damage byreducing the rate-of-voltage rise.The high energy diversion ability of the spark gap has allowed the sizeand weight of the units to be considerably reduced.




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